Shangri-La at the Fort

Manila, Philippines
2007 – 2008
Schematic Design & Design Development

Located within the Fort Bonifacio former military base and city center, Shangri-La at the Fort is destined to become a Manila landmark. The mixed-use business, residential and retail tower consists of 500 guestrooms and 234 apartments.
The superstructure for the 66 story hotel/residential tower consists of a central core shear wall system with interconnected special moment resisting frames (SMRF) in both directions of each wing radiating from the central core. The objective of the design is to maximize the ductility of the SMRF and shear wall core without inducing foundation uplifts and providing the required stiffness for control of interstory drifts. The floor framing typically consists of a concrete two-way flat plate slab system and gravity beams only to frame out major floor openings. The floor framing system within the interior core consists also of two way reinforced concrete flat plate system with beams.

Tower Lateral System
Typical Tower Structural Layout

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