Shangri-La at the Fort – Manila, Philippines
2007 – 2008
Schematic Design & Design Development

UNC Pedestrian Bridge – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Design Development

Part of UNC’s Bell Tower Development, the proposed pedestrian bridge is intended to connect existing Coker Hall and the proposed Genome Science Building (GSB) to Kenan Labs across South Road. There will be three on-ramps to the bridge. The south most one will be located between the proposed GSB and Coker Hall, the second will be located to the north of Coker Hall adjacent to South Road and the last between Kenan Labs and the new Wilson-Dey Science Complex. The geometry of the bridge will be curved to accommodate the existing site conditions and also avoid the disruption of any heritage trees. The total bridge span is approximately 450ft with another 95ft of approach and abutments. The primary structure of the bridge will comprise of a continuously curved built-up closed steel box girder with dimensions of 144” x 40”. The top plate of the box section will support the walking surface which is expected to composed of 1.5” thick epoxy concrete. Flange and side web plates will be 1 1/2” thick. Three continuous full depth 1/2” thick longitudinal stiffeners will also be provided to brace the top plate against buckling. The bridge deck will be supported on high strength reinforced concrete pylons. At support points, the pylon and abutments will be founded on 200kip mini-piles of varying number. At abutments, the bridge deck will be supported on pot bearings that allow lateral translations to relieve thermal stresses. Expansion joints are provided at each of the three abutments. The approach structures will consist of cast-in-place reinforced concrete side walls and one-way reinforced concrete slabs supported on continuous strip footings.


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